• 2D virtual fitting on garments or Accessories
  • Category menu
  • Detailed Product info
  • Email and Social media sharing
  • Product recommendation engine
  • Stay Connected with Your Shoppers
  • Converting In-Store Visitors into Connected Customers
  • Expand and Retain Your Customer Base

About Us.

What is Ainapp?

Ainapp is a Virtual Mirror allowing customers to see there own self in different fashions in just one click. Adopting a differentiated shopping experience helps shoppers to remember who you are, creating opportunities for you to further engage your shoppers. Ainapp changes the way your customers shop, creating an innovative in-store experience where your customers can hardly forget. This makes your brand more attractive and resulting customer retention which ultimately increase sales.

Our Services

  • 2D Picturization
  • On Site picturization
  • User Account Creation
  • Admin Panel for uploading data
  • Space of 1 GB
  • Event and App Management
  • Branding and graphics customization
  • Email and Social Media configuration
  • Usage analytics
  • Online photo gallery
  • User data harvesting

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